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Free Wedding Pose Guide

Let’s face it, we’re not all models and being put in front of the lens can be stressful. Download our free PDF Guide to help you out with posing for your photos and videos on your wedding day.

Our philosophy

You are unique. Your wedding should be too.


We believe in the beauty and magic that lies in the bond of husband and wife. A wedding day is the first page of a life long story, and we don’t take this lightly.

Culture Collective’s main focus when documenting a wedding is to capture the day as it is. To capture moments from the day that stand out to tell the story as it was. 

We specialise in stylized photography and videography where we edit the content to embody the mood and tone of the day and to highlight all of it’s unique characteristics.

A beautiful day, deserves beautiful coverage. Our goal is to be everybody’s photographer and videographer, in this we aim to provide affordable and custom bundles for each individual. 



Where it all started. Creating a wedding video for a friend is what birthed what is Culture Collective today. A wedding may have a set program, however it is unpredictable in it’s own beautiful way and there is no better way than to capture these moments in a wedding film of your own.

Graphic Design

Your identity shines through you, and your identity should shine through every element of your wedding. After a meeting where the main purpose if to establish an idea of who the bride and groom are, we work to create unique designs for all the various needs on a wedding day.

Invitations, Menus, Thank You Cards, Programs, Seating arrangements...


There is so many things that cause stress in planning a wedding! And this is not good, you should enjoy your planning almost as much as you enjoy the day itself. Let Culture Collective take the burden off of needing to come up with all the designs for the numerous stationery requirements that go into your wedding day. 


Please note that a minimum of 1 Month is required between the booking of the graphics and the wedding day. Culture Collective does not do the printing however can arrange for it to be done for you or you may do it at your own leisure. When booking the designs it is the clients responsibility to arrange the information to be displayed (People’s names, Seating arrangements, program times etc.) 


We love helping you enjoy your special day. Let us know any thing else you’d like to know.