encapsulating the once in a life time moments forever

Our philosophy

You are unique.

Your bond is special.

Your wedding should be too.


We believe in the beauty and magic that lies in the bond of your union. A wedding day is the first page of a life long story, and we don’t take this lightly.

Culture Collective’s main focus when documenting a wedding is to capture the day as it is. To capture moments from the day that stand out to tell the story as it was.

We specialise in stylised photography and videography where we edit the content to embody the mood and tone of the day and to highlight all of the unique characteristics.

A beautiful day, deserves beautiful coverage. Our goal is to be everybody’s photographer and videographer, in this we aim to provide affordable and custom bundles for each individual.




PHOTOGRAPHY + Videography

Here’s an honest question for you: what do you want your day to feel like? 

Your wedding should be the most intimate and memorable day of your life. There is often so much pressure on a couple to plan the perfect wedding – how your wedding is supposed to look and how it should be done and the traditions that you’re told need to be followed. But what about how it feels?
That’s important. 

Who you choose to document the most important day of your life, the one who is capturing all those memories and creating a welcoming experience you’ll cherish forever, it just as important. Your flowers will wilt, the day will pass, the cake will be eaten and the venue will be used to join another couple in marriage, but photographs are the only thing you take with you to remember YOUR unique day, and relive how it truly felt for years to come.


Your identity shines through you, and your identity should shine through every element of your wedding. After a meeting where the main purpose if to establish an idea of who the bride and groom are, we work to create unique designs for all the various needs on a wedding day.



Invitations, Menus, Thank You Cards, Programs, Seating arrangements...


The process of wedding planning should be as enjoyable as the day itself. Leave it to us to make your wedding stationery dreams come to life – we’ll work hand in hand with you to make sure the designs reflect you, your union and your special day.